Los Cabos Children’s Foundation


Our contract with Los Cabos Children’s Foundation enables us to provide equipment for use in the oncology, intensive care and heart treatment programmes for children at the Juan Maria de Salvatierra Hospital in La Paz, Baja California Sur. In addition, we provide financial assistance for paediatric medical treatment and room and board to families whose children are undergoing medical treatment. LCCF identifies the need for equipment or care on Monarca’s behalf and also ensures that the potential recipients of our financial support meet the criteria that we have established.


A number of years ago, LCCF recognized the need for medical services for children with cancer and congenital heart defects in the Los Cabos area and initiated a programme to send these children to the Unites States for treatment. More recently, the programme has evolved to the point where these children can be treated locally.
LCCF currently supports the pediatric oncology, cardiology and intensive care programs of Salvatierra General Hospital in La Paz, in a successful model of cooperation between the government and the community represented by non-profits.


LCCF’s goal will continue to be building a world-class pediatric unit and assisting the local non-profit organizations that are truly making an impact and improving the quality of life of the children in B.C.S.