Building Baja’s Future


Our contract with Building Baja’s Future (“BBF”) enables us to help provide university scholarships and other life skills education to outstanding students from the most needy families in Los Cabos who would otherwise be unable to attend university.


BBF is both a registered Mexican and American charity which provides funding to outstanding academic high school graduates from Los Cabos region of Baja California Sur. In addition, these students are provided with social and life skills education, English lessons, and extracurricular activities to enable them to become community leaders who will build Baja’s future. As part of the scholar’s obligations, the students are required to have a minimum GPA of 9/10, to participate in, and volunteer for, community activities for the full length of their studies.


BBF selects and screens amongst the applicants the most outgoing and achieving candidates that Monarca will help finance. BBF permanently monitors each student’s academic performance, ensures that they comply with their community service and that they participate in all of the cultural and social activities organized by BBF.


BBF provides Monarca with progress reports for each student that our funds support. All of the scholars graduate and many are awarded the highest honors. Every penny is well spent. We find BBF is a very rewarding cause.